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Looking at the newspapers with their doom and gloom headlines, you would think that the local property market (and the British property market) would be on its knees.

Yet ring some of the local Estate Agents for a viewing or free valuation, and if you can get an appointment within a week to ten days, you are doing well!

British properties continue to sell in good numbers.

In July and August 2022, sales have been agreed on an average of 25,476 UK properties per week.

Interesting when compared to the averages of 27,351 sales agreed per week in 2021 and 26,382 sales agreed per week year to date in 2022.

So why is the Dartmoor and Teign Valley property market defying all expectations?

It is because there is an absolute shortage of properties to buy on the books of estate agents, meaning local house prices are being kept buoyant (as demand exceeds supply)

Today, there are 34 properties available to buy in in TQ13. Roll the clock back to October 2007, the month before the last house price crash, and it was 34

That’s 0% fewer properties to buy today in TQ13 than the month before the property crash.

Notwithstanding suggestions that the Bank of England’s higher interest rates would peter out British house price growth, the continued limited supply of properties coming onto the market has helped Dartmoor and Teign Valley house prices climb.


TQ13 house prices are 18.6% higher today than a year ago.


Nevertheless, there is evidence that the insane demand for property has started to ease, and supply is increasing, which means that the direction of the TQ13 housing market is beginning to change in the coming months.

This can be seen in several ways.

Back in January and February (2022), 8,094 UK properties per week were reducing their asking prices, whilst this July and August had risen to an average of 13,115 UK properties per week. This is significant as some 'optimistic' homeowners who placed their properties on the market in the Spring and early Summer have had to reduce their 'optimistic’ asking prices to attract buyers.

Also, the number of UK house sales falling through (i.e. when the sale is agreed yet the sale falls through before the legal paperwork is completed) is starting to creep upwards from an average of 5,558 properties a week in the Spring of 2022 to 6,854 per week in July and August 2022.

Local house prices have risen over recent times; the most recent figures are based on what was selling in the late Winter /early Spring of this year and subsequently completing the sale in the early Summer.


The prices obtained by the Estate Agents on properties achieving a sale in TQ13 today (i.e. in the Autumn of 2022) are slightly lower than what was obtained nine months ago. This means the house statistics published in early Spring 2023 will slightly reduce. Nothing to worry about – I want to give you a heads up and not to be concerned. The simple fact is


We are returning to a more normal housing market this Autumn, compared to the crazy last 30 months since the end of lockdown one.


With UK inflation standing at 9.9%, this brings an interesting scenario for local property values.


Reducing ‘real’ wages will hit first-time buyers and existing homeowners’ disposable income, while the same high inflation will make the Bank of England increase interest rates.


These things will significantly reduce homebuyers' capacity to afford their mortgages as the fewer people who can take out a mortgage; the fewer buyers will buy homes.


The Bank of England base rate currently stands at 2.25%, yet forecasts suggest it could end the year between 2.75% and 3%. Yet lets us not forget the long-term average over the last 50 years has been between 7.1% and 7.2%, and many mature homeowners will remember Bank of England Base Rates of 17% in 1979, so these sorts of increases are still off a low base.


During these Autumn months, though, the lack of properties on the market and available to buy still support TQ13 house prices. The newspapers compete for attention and use Clickbait titles to generate more interest in the publications.


The simple fact is that unless something seismically happens in the world to change things materially, the Dartmoor, Teign Valley and British property markets will continue to harden slowly and will face some different challenges compared to the last 30 months, but fundamentally TQ13 house prices will remain broadly neutral over the next 12 to 18 months.


These are my thoughts; what are yours?





When to sell your house is a tough decision and only you will really know when it's the right time. Navigating the turbulent property market, worrying that your home might not sell as well as picking the right finance and packing up your things all might feel like a lot of effort. Is a move really worth all this time and trouble? 

Your home needs to be your sanctuary that you love being in. Somewhere you can relax. Are you starting to get niggling feelings when you're in your home? If so, NOW might be the time to consider a move. 

A stamp duty land tax cut has been announced, effective immediately, so if you have been thinking of selling your home, this might appear to be the right time to do it. 

But what financial and emotional steps do you need to take to get yourself and your home ready for buyers? It is the right time to sell when you have a plan and here are some reasons you might decide NOW is the time to take that leap and move…

1.    You’re Financially Ready to Sell

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial position. This will be one of the main factors in deciding whether you're ready to sell. It will also help you develop a plan after the sale, and where you’ll be able to go next. 

2.    You want a change of scenery

Change can be a good thing. There are many reasons you may want or need a change – whether it is because you’ve outgrown your current place or are ready for a new location, you need to move closer to your children's school, new relationship, there’s an abundance of reasons why it may be time to move on. 

3.    Being emotionally detached from your home

It is tough working with a seller who is still emotionally invested in their home and that makes it even harder for your home to sell. You don’t have to remove the sentimental value from your home in order to sell it, just don’t allow it to influence your decision-making process. If it does then you may not be ready, which is ok! Being one hundred percent committed to the sale of your home is important before you undergo the process. 

4.    You’ve Outgrown Your House

Outgrowing your house is typical for first time buyers, and young families. It is time to find a home that can fit everyone. If your family is growing, if you're working from home and you need more space, there is a good chance you want to sell your house.


If you have been thinking of moving, now is the time to save on Stamp Duty!

Following the Chancellor’s announcement, houses that cost £250,000 or less are exempt from stamp duty. First time buyers will only pay stamp duty on properties that cost more than £425,000. This change came into effect from the 23rd of September 2022, so this saving is here right now

If you’ve been waiting for a change in the market, if you’re a landlord considering opportunities for your portfolio, or if you’ve been considering making a move, now is your chance. Get in touch, and we’ll help you make the most of the stamp duty cut.

 Just get in touch with us by emailing or sending us a message through facebook - we are here to help guide your throught the property waters!


Traditionally, Spring is a seen as a favourite time to sell your home. However, there are other months where it is equally as good a time to sell – September being one of them. Especially for those up-sizers; those looking (usually families) to buy a larger home or first time movers/sellers.


Family buyers tend to buy in autumn, spring and early summer....term times! Those with children typically don't want to house hunt during the holidays for a couple of reasons: firstly, they might be preoccupied with lazing in the summer sunshine, or going away on holiday and secondly, who wants to view a home when you have bored children to contend with? It just adds to the initial stress already there with viewing a house! So, parents tend to wait until the schools are back open and they can carry out viewings in a more relaxed fashion. 


Furthermore, when the sun is out, a lot of time is spent in the garden so up-sizers won't feel as squeezed for space and consequently, the move doesn't feel as urgent. So, it might be that there are fewer house hunters in September and October but, they tend to be keener and make an early decision so that they can be moved in and settled by Christmas. 


So why might September be the best time for you to sell your home? Here are our 7 top reasons why not might be the perfect time to get moving:


1. The children are back at school starting a new year and the feeling of change can extend to parents. This attitude shift can often instigate a desire for a new start in other areas of life, with a property move high on the list. 


2. The 'C' word...Nobody wants to talk about Christmas in September BUT buyers looking at property at this time of year are usually keen – they probably have plans to have moved into their new home for Christmas, and this excitement keeps them on track. With this in mind, it’s always best to get your property listed as early in the season as possible.


3.  If you have a family, having the children out of the house during the day means you will find it easier to keep it tidy for viewings. We have all been there during the school holidays where you feel like a bomb has hit your house, you tidy one room and turn to the other and wonder why you bother! Having a tidy home certainly takes some of the stress away of someone coming to view your home. 


4. Setting the 'stage' for potential buyers is crucial in making the right impression. This is why September represents an excellent time to sell your house. Your home looks warm and cosy, with lamps lit, the fire on and the glimmer of the lit candles.  It is the most beautiful with its warm and inviting colours, cosy fires and exciting atmosphere of the festivities that lie ahead. A ‘twilight’ image at this time of year can really show your home at its best.


5.  With the darker nights and colder days, people spend much more time inside their homes than what they do in summer. This changes the lifestyle and perspective of homeowners, which influences their decision in what they want from their home. Simple things such as the lack of daylight can create the illusion of a smaller space and trigger the need to upsize. One of our previous blog posts might be worth reading to help you style your home - How to add thousands to your home with our pro styling tips - Blog (


6. Because the schools have gone back, parents are free to view homes child-free. That means they are more relaxed, less hurried, and in a better frame of mind to make a decision.


7. Your garden still looks lovely, and as the leaves start to drop, views often improve. Get your photographs carried out whilst the sun is still shining to capture your home at its best.  You can read one of previous blog posts on getting your garden ready for sale - Style Your Garden to Sell in 6 Easy Steps - Blog (



Interested to know MORE about the property market ? Or do you need other advice on how to prepare your home ready to go on the market? Either way, we’d love to hear from you! Simply call us for a chat on 01364 652652 or send us an email at No matter what your question is, we’re always more than happy to help



We are well into the summer now and more than halfway through the year! As the old saying goes “Time flies” so, if you're thinking of making a move in 2022, we recommend that you start searching now so you can be moved in to a fabulous new home in time for Christmas.

But be aware, there is a lot that goes into a move, and several factors play into the total time it takes from start to finish. That includes finding a new property, getting your mortgage approved, undergoing building surveys, conveyancing and finding a good removal company to help you on the big day to name but a few things you are likely to need to sort out to get yourself ready.

On average it takes around 18 to 22 weeks for that all exciting completion day, which is around 50 days LONGER than in 2019.

With this all in mind, we have put together  a few tips and tricks to ensure that your sale progresses smoothly and as quickly as possible!



One reason for long delays is that there is a backlog in the conveyancing processes (the process that deals with your contract, local searches and buying your new home. The middle part between offer being accepted to receiving the keys to your new house). Get yourself ‘legally prepared’ when your property hits the market and instruct your solicitor BEFORE you agree a sale. Then, whilst your home is being marketed, they can gather together all the necessary paperwork, so that when your house sale is agreed, your solicitors are ready to send the draft contract straight over to your buyer’s solicitor. (This can speed matters up by up to 2 weeks).



One of the other delays in moving is often the mortgage offer! Lenders are becoming increasingly slow at carrying out their necessary background checks and surveys, especially since the recent interest rate increases. It can be frustrating when you’re waiting for answers or left on hold trying to get through to the bank!

But working with an experienced financial advisor will ensure you get the best advice so that you have all the necessary information to hand when needed. They’ll also be responsible for chasing the survey and mortgage offer, so you don’t have to!





It can be very stressful moving house with many built-in uncertainties. Try and reduce your stress levels by not having unrealistic expectations about how quickly you can move. In almost every situation there will be something unexpected that comes up. 

By using a professional, proactive estate agent, you will be notified of any delays within the chain of house sellers. It’s our responsibility to liaise with the other estate agents within the chain, to ensure ALL the sales are moving at a similar pace and so that we can try to foresee any potential issues, which may delay matters.

Then, even where there is an additional delay, so long as everyone in the chain is aware of the reason, the stress levels will reduce and expectations are managed. Keep asking for regular updates and make sure your solicitor and other parties know your ideal completion timescale from the beginning. We liaise with all parties and keep you in the loop regularly and help to pave the way and ease the stress – we have all moved house ourselves having bought and sold so we understand exactly what it takes to smooth the move.



Don’t leave it until the end of the process to shop around for removals. When the solicitors start discussing dates for moving into your lovely, new home, you don’t want a last-minute panic about about researching the cost of packing and moving services. Get this information and a chosen firm sorted early. Your solicitor will then be able to advise when to pay the deposit to your removals company.

We are on hand to advise and guide you through the whole move, from start to finish and have created a handy guide of experienced professionals who we work with like solicitors, conveyancers, financial advisers and removals - -just ask us for your copy.

Interested to know MORE about the property market ? Or do you need other advice on how to prepare your home ready to go on the market? Either way, we’d love to hear from you! Simply call us for a chat on 01364 652652 or send us an email at No matter what your question is, we’re always more than happy to help



Whilst the market has been exceedingly buoyant and sellers have seen prices rise considerably when the market starts to change there is almost always a surge in reduced properties.

Many homeowners have been delighted with the rise in value of their beautiful homes.  However, with this upside there can also be a downside.  Whilst many have benefitted from an increased value of their home there have been some homeowners excited to get their property on to the market being flattered by an estate agent with a very high valuation. Whilst overvaluing is nothing new, this practice is becoming more common, leading to stress, heartache and untold frustration as a higher percentage of homes are now not selling AS QUICKLY – even with current market conditions - there are signs of more choice for buyers, with the number of properties coming onto the market for sale up by 7% compared to this time last year.

Overvaluing is being used more and more to get properties on the market. For estate agents, it's not sales that are the most important thing, it’s having a healthy register of available properties and sadly many will tell you whatever you want to hear at the expense of giving you honest advice and guidance.

Without a constant stream of new listings for their website and the property portals, estate agents’ enquiries can dry up. This can leave them with an out-of-date list of potential buyers. Overvaluing properties to get them on the market is a low-skill, unethical and yet highly-effective method of gaining stock.

The ramifications if it doesn’t sell can mean price reductions and stale marketing periods often meaning properties can end up selling for less money than they would have sold for had they hit the market at the right price in the first place.

Consequences of asking too much:

Unrealistic expectations of your home's value can often make you feel angry and frustrated. 

Time is vital when selling a property, an over valued property will not get the traction it deserves when it launches to the market.  After time your home will become lost in the endless listings online. This can then also create the impression that something is wrong with the property.

Down valuation at the survey stage -  there's a high risk of your home being down-valued by a mortgage lender or surveyor. This can lead to sales falling through or hefty renegotiations on your price that could threaten your purchase by shrinking your budget.


How to tell when a valuation is inflated

· The home is overpriced compared to neighbouring houses

· The price does not match the neighbourhood 

· It has been on the market for a long time

· The home has too little viewings 

· There are too many upgrades and home improvements

· The home’s overall condition 


What can you do to overcome this ?

It is worth doing a little of your own research on the estate agent to see if their performance matches what they're telling you: 

●       How many sales do they achieve at the asking price or above?


●       How many of their listings have been reduced in price before they have sold?


●       How long are their homes on the market before going under offer?


●       What percentage of their properties get withdrawn?


If you do decide to go with the estate agent who has valued your home the highest, here are a few tips for you: 


1 - The average time to agree to a sale is currently around four weeks. You don't therefore need to sign up to a long contract. Check your notice period and get all agreed changes in writing.

2 - If an agent truly believes their high valuation is achievable, they'll have no trouble amending their terms. If they insist on signing you up for several months, you'll have an insight into how confident they really are.

3 - Agree a weekly catch up or check in call so the estate agent can update you on interest in your home.

4 - Make sure your agent provides you with a Marketing plan - this should be bespoke for your home and illustrate how your home is going to be marketed. 

5 - Insist on quick feedback after viewings - this way you will be able to react and adapt your marketing to reflect the up to date response from potential buyers who usually are not backwards in coming forwards with constructive criticism !

6 - Continually refresh your marketing, make sure you estate agent is proactive in taking new photos and keeping your home fresh in the minds of buyers.

And if you are on the market and feeling a little disheartened by your result, be encouraged by the fact that there are plenty of things you can do to make your home much more saleable – with the right agent on board. The important thing is that you take action right away. If you don’t, your home will simply sit on the market, leaving it at risk of possibly going ‘stale’, which is likely to reduce your chance of getting a good sale price. When buyers see the same home being advertised in the same way, week after week, it gives the impression that something isn’t quite right.

We can assist in reviewing your marketing and give you our expert opinion on what needs to be done to secure a successful sale at the right price.  Once we have met with you we will come up with a bespoke marketing strategy that focuses on promoting all the best features of your home and relaunch it onto the market in style!

If you would like to find out how we can help you and your home get the sale you deserve, just give us a call on 01364 652652 or 01626 852666 or email me at and I will get right back to you. 


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