Even in a competitive market, buyers remain highly selective when it comes to choosing a new home. So, when it comes to getting ready for viewings it is important to show potential buyers why your home is so special.  Few buyers will be turned off by a house that looks homely, but there is a fine line between homely and cluttered. To maximise the appeal of your home, prospective buyers need to be able to envision living in the home and a vast accumulation of personal items could be clouding that vision. Before viewings, go through your home and remove any excess keepsakes, photographs and ornaments which take away from the visual appeal. This makes the space more welcoming to buyers, as they will feel as though they are viewing a potential new asset, and not intruding on someone else’s home. 

Read on to find out the top thirteen ways to attract buyers to your home.

  1. First Impression Counts

This stands for a lot of things but no more so when it comes to selling your property! Within just a few minutes, prospective buyers can make a judgment on your home. There's a lot that you can do to make your property more appealing.  Below are some tips and ideas to help you present your home in the best possible way. Some may seem blindingly obvious but you may just find the inspiration you need to help those prospective buyers connect with your home, thus enabling you to get moving! 


  1. Kerb Appeal

Before prospective buyers have even stepped foot into your property, their impressions have already started upon their approach to your property.  A little landscaping can be transformative, so get your gardening gloves on, spruce up any pathways, fencing or hedging and add some potted plants to ‘dress’ the area. Make sure your windows are clean and give any paintwork attention and especially look at the front door! 


  1. Hallway

As soon as the prospective buyer walks through the door, it should be an immediate 'welcome'. Even the smallest of hallways will benefit from decluttering, a neutral coat of paint and nice lighting. Maybe add a mirror to help reflect light and if you need to add a pop of colour consider adding rug or accessories, but take note, less is more. 


  1. Depersonalise and declutter

Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your property and see that it suits their lifestyle. If you have clutter in your property, this will only cloud their vision so make sure you remove all the excess bits and pieces. Bulky furniture will make rooms feel cramped too so take a look at what you have in each room. Think about recycling or selling items you no longer need and boxing up and packing away the things you want to take with you when you move on. If you don’t have loft space, short term storage may be an option.


  1. A fresh lick of paint

Décor and colour are such personal choices, so it's important to try and give potential buyers a blank canvas to work with.....insofar as you can allow! Paint  with more neutral tones as it will make spaces feel cleaner, lighter and airier Keeping a little personality is fine, just don’t make it overwhelming! A lot of potential buyers want to move into a property without lots of redecorating work to do.


  1. Make minor repairs

Remember those little jobs that you're ‘planning to get around to’ but haven't yet? Now is the time to tackle them.  Broken door knobs, a cupboard door that needs rehanging, cracked tiles, tired carpets Little things like this can be off-putting and make a home look tired for potential buyers.


  1. The big clean-up

Dirt is a no-no. This is a big must. We know we're stating the obvious but it goes without saying that your home needs to be sparkling clean and fresh. Keep on top of the housework so that your property can be very quickly viewer-ready with a quick hoover and minimal tidying. Eliminate any odours, open the windows to aerate, give carpets a clean and in particular, ensure kitchens and bathrooms are immaculate. Get rid of limescale, clean or replace discoloured grout, wax or polish floors.


  1. Give each room a purpose

Potential buyers will want to know how you use each room. Use furniture and accessories to define a room and give it a purpose so that you can use keywords in your property description.  It can be as easy as bringing in a desk and a chair to upgrade a spare room into a home office. Also a note that empty rooms tend to look smaller online so bring in some furniture to add depth perception in your listing photos. 


  1. Green Areas

If you've got it, flaunt it! A garden that is! Well-maintained lawns, fencing and hedging will make it appear low-maintenance, and why not dress the space with garden furniture, lighting and a few pots and outdoors accessories? 


  1. Put the furry friends away

Not everyone is an animal lover; some people have allergies and when it comes to viewings, pets can be a big distraction. If possible, remove pets from the home altogether or at least ensure that they are safely ‘contained’ when potential buyers visit. Remove pet odours and hair with thorough, regular cleaning and be sure to put away feed bowls, toys, beds and of course, litter trays.


  1. Do your homework

It can be helpful for potential buyers to have information about both your property and the surrounding area. Such as the running costs for your property, utilities, your council tax band etc. And be ready to ‘sell’ the location to buyers with information to suit about transport, local schools, shops and amenities, the community etc.


  1. Be ‘on point’ online!

The internet is typically our first ‘go-to’ for property searches these days, so make sure your home has great online presence. Photography is important; well-lit rooms and quality images can present your property at its best and floorplans are very useful for buyers considering layouts and living spaces that will work for them. 


  1. Point out potential

You may have already maximised your home’s potential with an extension, loft or garage conversion or through the addition of a conservatory, orangery or garden room. If not, and there’s scope to do so, be sure to highlight these possibilities to potential buyers. 


If you've been considering making a move, now might be a good time. Just get in touch and we will be here to help. SImply email katie@sawdyeandharris.co.uk or give us a call on 01364 652652.