Considering a Move in 2024? Explore New Beginnings for the New Year!

As we look to the festive season and then to the New Year, it's a natural time for reflection and resolutions. Perhaps among your aspirations for 2024 is the desire to create a positive change, and what better way to achieve that than by exploring the idea of a new home?

The holiday season often sheds light on aspects of our current homes that may no longer align with our needs and desires or what we really want. Are you feeling a bit too distanced from loved ones? Did the holiday break expose the inconvenience of traveling to supermarkets and shops? Or did you find your space challenged when hosting a growing family? If any of these questions resonate with you, the beginning of the year might be a good time for a change.

Here are some great reasons why considering a move in in 2024 could be the perfect start to your year:

1. A Fresh Start to the Year: Moving in January not only allows you to swiftly check off one of your New Year's resolutions but also sets the stage for creating new memories in a new home. Plus, the early move sets you up for an effortless spring cleaning when the time comes!

2. Quieter Social Scene: January tends to be a quieter month socially, providing you with the perfect opportunity to use your free time wisely. Utilize this time to explore properties, declutter, and efficiently pack your belongings.

3. Less Market Competition: With fewer homes typically on the market in January, there's less competition for sellers. Limited choices for buyers often result in obtaining the best price from a buyer in the best position.

4. Summer Fun in Your New Home: While others are grappling with the summer chaos of moving, you can relax and enjoy the warm months in your new home. Consider yourself the perfect host for this year's summer BBQs!

If the idea of a January move sounds like something you might want to consider, then the team at Sawdye & Harris is here to lend a helping hand. With over 175 years of experience in selling homes in this area, we have the expertise to secure the best price for your home in the New Year!

Are you seeking expert advice on presenting your home for sale? Need guidance on decluttering and decorating? Eager to get a head start and launch your home to the market before the Spring rush?

Reach out to us at with the subject line 'New Year New Home,' and we'll be in touch to guide you through this exciting journey.

Cheers to a new chapter in 2024!