We are always looking to speed up and smooth out the property buying and selling process and having looked at the current system, we needed an improvement. 

Our goal has to be to reduce the time it takes to move and provide more information upfront to a potential buyer, resulting in fewer sales falling through.

Preparing information before a sale is agreed shaves many weeks off the sale time. A potential buyer reading all the information about the property means nothing is hidden that could put them off at a later date. Transparency is much smarter for all and meets the current recommended guidelines by Trading Standards for upfront information.

We have partnered with Gazeal to offer a superb solution for our sellers and buyers.



GETTING SALE READY - What is a 'Buyer Information Pack'

Usually, after a sale is agreed, it's panic stations. A seller and buyer are asked to source a solicitor and instruct them. Then there’s a lot of paperwork and ID checks to go through before things could officially get moving on the property sale/purchase. Waiting on these necessary forms and documents hold up a sale and add weeks on to the process.

Instead of waiting until an offer has been agreed, we offer a unique service to help our sellers go through all the necessary paperwork right at the beginning, before we start to market their property. The documents we help prepare include:

  • Property information form (TA6)
  • Leasehold information form (TA7) if applicable
  • Fixtures and fittings form (TA10)

The Government and National Trading Standards require that more material information needs to be provided to potential buyers upfront.  Getting this ‘buyer information pack’ ready right at the start means that we are ready to digitally share it with our seller’s solicitor and reduce any potential delays.

We still recommend a seller instructs their solicitor early to open up the file and do the ID checks. The solicitor won't need to obtain Title TA6, TA7, or TA10 as we can email them the link which will also contain other documents relating to the property. This pack is available to the seller, the buyer and their respective solicitors.

What does a 'Buyer Information Pack' contain?


Our (Law Society Approved) Buyer Information Pack is packed with information on the property that will help secure a serious and committed buyer. 

This process speeds up transaction times by multiple weeks.

Who can see the Buyer Information Pack?

Some of this information is publicly available on our website on each property, some of it we can email a potential buyer as it could be more private information. Security is paramount for us.

The pack is also available by invitation to potential buyers and their solicitors before they offer. An educated buyer is more secure knowing all the ins and outs of a property before any offer is accepted.

How much does a Buyer Information Pack cost?

There is no charge for Sawdye & Harris to organise the pack and securely store it electronically for our clients.

If you have any questions about our Buyer Information Packs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to reduce the risk of a fall through even further? Contact us about our Reservation Agreements.