Is now the right time to consider a fresh start in a new home?

As we settle into 2024, and the transition from winter to spring, we often have more time within our own four walls to contemplate new beginnings and reflect on changes and aspirations we have for our lives. Many individuals and families may find themselves assessing their current residences and wondering just whether relocating may align with those new aspirations. 

Determining the optimal timing for such a move requires weighing up a variety of evolving factors. Economic outlooks, housing market projections, quality of life expectations, career  and personal readiness can all impact this key decision point.

Will 2024 Be A Good Year For Moving Home?

Signs suggest that the 2024 UK housing scene will be a balanced playing field for both buyers and sellers alike. So, if you're thinking of selling and moving, this year may be ideal timing.

A projected cooling in the market emphasizes the importance of strategic pricing from the outset, and it will be key for sellers looking to remain competitive. With more houses sitting longer and price drops becoming common, setting the right asking price from the get-go, based on similar local sales, will be critical. Being better able to match what buyers in your area can actually pay versus going in too high, will streamline the selling process and prevent needing to reduce a price just to increase a property’s appeal.

Understanding local sales data as well as trends can help to set a motivated yet fair price from day one, and sellers can maximise their home’s visibility among neighbourhood buyers. This taps into initial interest before prospective buyers get distracted by lower or reduced listings. It shortens the sales journey, allowing deals to close while market heat, though cooling, still persists. Starting with realistic, data-driven prices also allows sellers to maximise exposure when hitting the market. This also enables deals to transact before tailwinds like low mortgage rates recede. 

Meanwhile, certain regional market trends will continue to influence people’s house-moving and investment decisions. Lifestyle factors are another key driver among remote workers searching for affordability without sacrificing job opportunities or career development. Moving provides a fresh start, the chance to plant roots in a new community and unlock access to fulfilling experiences that result in a better work/life balance.

This year is clearly shaping up to offer a relatively promising landscape for property transactions. The expected balance between price growth and mortgage affordability makes 2024 an especially good time to consider entering or moving within the UK property ladder.

Reasons To Consider Moving in 2024

So, with this year showing promising signs of being a prime time to make a move, forecasts from the experts call for a period of cautious optimism. Mortgage rates may still be higher than historically low levels, but the market is certainly calmer and there are rumours that rates are expected to fall in 2024. Buyers who paused their moving plans last year could now be able to make more concrete plans based on greater affordability. Within this backdrop lie compelling motivations for using this optimism as a catalyst to relocate.

Seeking an improved lifestyle stands out as a leading reason to move for many people. As priorities evolve across life stages, from expanding families to shifting retirement dreams, finding a home that enables your ideal daily experience becomes essential. Whether larger spaces, connectivity to certain amenities, more walkable communities or simply a change of scenery, a new year kick start offers an opportune time to embrace a move that facilitates the lifestyle you aspire towards.

Smart financial planning also plays a role for some evaluating a move. Tapping into home equity can help consolidate debt, fund further education or expand investment horizons to enrich retirement savings. Consulting experts to map out the pros and cons of relocation tied to your larger financial picture deserves consideration.

Of course, personal factors related to health, family, and unique needs should anchor any moving decision. But from lifestyle alignment to strategic financial planning to simply embracing positive change, the UK housing market forecast for 2024 does offer a generally supportive environment for making a move.

Challenges To Consider When Moving In 2024

While the market outlook should attract many prospective buyers and sellers, significant challenges still remain that could disrupt your moving plans. For instance, rising inflation and interest rate hikes could dampen affordability and purchasing power for some prospective buyers. Even sellers could find softened demand that curbs the number of attractive offers. Fortunately, a cooling market this year could offer short-term bargains.

Surging costs for relocation-related services also warrant caution. Comparing multiple moving companies, and being flexible on timing can yield you savings but you may find bargains few and far between with the rising cost of living having pushed prices up. Though not always easy, avoiding peak summer moving season may also provide relief.

While challenges persist, proactively developing mitigation strategies, contingencies and emotional support systems can effectively counterbalance 2024’s promising upside for prospective movers. Market indicators may encourage a move, but personal readiness and resilience will ultimately determine success.

Top Tips For An Optimised Move

Given the constructive outlook for the housing market, 2024 may be the ideal time for a well executed move. By adhering to best practices in preparation, logistics and emotional support, you can effectively navigate challenges and ease the transition process.

Start early by outlining a comprehensive checklist covering all details from property selection to address changes. Building in a buffer of 4-6 weeks enables you to tackle items methodically without last-minute stresses escalating costs. It’s also wise to strategically purge and pack belongings in advance, so you’re only moving essentials to your new home. This reduces loading fees and frees you from clutter assuming lifestyle changes. Properly labelled, sturdy boxes also protect valuables while keeping movers efficient.

Though it is an added expense, professional movers remove heavy logistics off your shoulders while protecting your cherished items from harm, so it can be a worthwhile investment. Compare costs for multiple services for the best value mix of affordability and reliability. Looking ahead, contact utility companies early to seamlessly transition power, water and internet without disruptions as you move. Confirming timeline alignments sets up a smooth landing and means you’re not waiting weeks for the essentials.


We are now 10% of the way through 2024 and the housing market appears poised to deliver balanced opportunities for buyers and sellers looking to make a move. While broader economic uncertainties persist, indicators point towards continued housing price appreciation paired with competitive mortgage rates, potentially enhancing affordability for prospective buyers and sellers alike.

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