When to sell your house is a tough decision and only you will really know when it's the right time. Navigating the turbulent property market, worrying that your home might not sell as well as picking the right finance and packing up your things all might feel like a lot of effort. Is a move really worth all this time and trouble? 

Your home needs to be your sanctuary that you love being in. Somewhere you can relax. Are you starting to get niggling feelings when you're in your home? If so, NOW might be the time to consider a move. 

A stamp duty land tax cut has been announced, effective immediately, so if you have been thinking of selling your home, this might appear to be the right time to do it. 

But what financial and emotional steps do you need to take to get yourself and your home ready for buyers? It is the right time to sell when you have a plan and here are some reasons you might decide NOW is the time to take that leap and move…

1.    You’re Financially Ready to Sell

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial position. This will be one of the main factors in deciding whether you're ready to sell. It will also help you develop a plan after the sale, and where you’ll be able to go next. 

2.    You want a change of scenery

Change can be a good thing. There are many reasons you may want or need a change – whether it is because you’ve outgrown your current place or are ready for a new location, you need to move closer to your children's school, new relationship, there’s an abundance of reasons why it may be time to move on. 

3.    Being emotionally detached from your home

It is tough working with a seller who is still emotionally invested in their home and that makes it even harder for your home to sell. You don’t have to remove the sentimental value from your home in order to sell it, just don’t allow it to influence your decision-making process. If it does then you may not be ready, which is ok! Being one hundred percent committed to the sale of your home is important before you undergo the process. 

4.    You’ve Outgrown Your House

Outgrowing your house is typical for first time buyers, and young families. It is time to find a home that can fit everyone. If your family is growing, if you're working from home and you need more space, there is a good chance you want to sell your house.


If you have been thinking of moving, now is the time to save on Stamp Duty!

Following the Chancellor’s announcement, houses that cost £250,000 or less are exempt from stamp duty. First time buyers will only pay stamp duty on properties that cost more than £425,000. This change came into effect from the 23rd of September 2022, so this saving is here right now

If you’ve been waiting for a change in the market, if you’re a landlord considering opportunities for your portfolio, or if you’ve been considering making a move, now is your chance. Get in touch, and we’ll help you make the most of the stamp duty cut.

 Just get in touch with us by emailing or sending us a message through facebook - we are here to help guide your throught the property waters!