Have you set your 2023 New Year’s resolutions yet? Maybe you want to start a new hobby, get back into the gym, learn a language or even move house. New Year brings new opportunities, more happiness and moving!


Christmas can highlight many things about our homes that we may not like – are you too far away from friends and family? Did you find yourself having to travel too far to supermarkets and shops over the Christmas period? Was there not enough space to host your ever-growing family? If you answered yes to any of those questions, now is the perfect time to move.

Make sure your home is dressed to impress in the winter months and those buyers will come knocking, now they perhaps need more space after lots of new toys or want to downsize, release some equity and start their own New Year, New Chapter.

Benefits of moving in January:

Give yourself a fresh start to the year

Moving in January will not only tick off one of your New Year’s resolutions quickly, but it will set you up for the new year, in a new home, making new memories… it will also be easier to have a spring clean when the time comes!

January is usually the quietest month (socially)

Use your free time wisely and use that time to search for your perfect property, sort through all the things you don’t need any more and pack everything into boxes.

There is less competition

January is usually a quiet time for selling houses, meaning there will be less competition for you. If there is less choice for buyers, it usually means you can get the best price from the buyer in the best position.

Enjoy summer in your new home

Whilst everyone is panicking (and sweating), packing and moving this summer, you can sit back and relax in your new home. Maybe that means you will have to host the BBQ’s this year!

Thinking January is the perfect time for your move? Here at Sawdye & Harris we’re here to help! We’ve been selling homes in this area for over 175 years and so, we know how to achieve the best price for your home in the New Year!

Want some expert advice on how to dress your home to sell? Need our opinion on de-cluttering and decorating? Want to get ahead of the competition and launch your home to the market before the Spring rush?

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