Top tips for carrying out maintenance work on your property

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been living in your home for a few years, carrying out maintenance work is critical. As the place you spend every day, regular home maintenance is beneficial for saving money in the long run, raising the value of your property, creating a safe and comfortable home and increasing the longevity of your appliances.


It can be tricky to know where to begin with maintenance work on your home. Read on to find out our top tips for carrying out DIY tasks.


Caring for your home changes from season to season, depending on the weather and the appliances you use. To stay organised, write up a home maintenance checklist for every season and tick the tasks off gradually through the year. 


Winter tasks can range from keeping the gutters clean, and servicing the boiler to inspecting your home for any leaks due to the weather. Whilst summer tasks can include checking your water supply status, fixing the garden and inspecting any type of fan usage. With a useful list, it’ll save you from wasting time and forgetting vital tasks at home throughout the year.



Maintenance of the home can range from simple, everyday tasks we can all do, to other jobs where a professional is needed. Similar to the maintenance jobs list, also create a handy list of local and trustworthy professionals who can do the jobs you’re not skilled for. This can include servicing your boiler, cleaning out gutters, repairing the driveway, painting the exterior of the house and cleaning the chimney. With a professional on hand, you’ll have the confidence of a job done correctly.

Appliances are incredibly useful in everyday life, from hoovers, ovens, and washing machines to the fridge. With regular use comes regular maintenance, meaning a deep cleaning process or sending for repairs when needed. If you don’t regularly clean or repair appliances they can cause damage, either minimal or extensive, depending on the appliance. 


You don’t need to be deep cleaning them all the time but once a month or once every two months can help immensely. Put a date in your calendar to keep you organised. For example, cleaning your washing machine can be done every six months, whilst your fridge every month.


Our home is our haven and it’s necessary to protect and keep ourselves safe from common faults or hazards. Maintenance is the key to prevention before any issues are unable to be resolved or any faults cause serious damage to the home and people living in it. Caring for your home’s maintenance is a priority for every homeowner because it improves the safety, and the overall look and assures you that issues are less likely to occur.


With a checklist in place, a contact list acquired and regular cleaning days, your home maintenance will become a part of your everyday life – and seem a lot less of a hindrance than you think.


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