The summer can be a difficult time to sell a property, with holiday season in full swing and families spending time entertaining their children rather than house hunting. However, there are many advantages of marketing a home in the summer and we have a few simple tips and tricks to help you to attract those summertime buyers.

Spruce up the interior

Potential buyers must be able to picture themselves living in your home – they will have varied tastes, so when you’re upgrading the soft furnishings or giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, keep the colours neutral. Light, bright and plain walls will maximise the space, make the property feel fresh to potential buyers, and help them visualise their own belongings in the property.

De-personalise and de-clutter

Before marketing your home, you should think about removing any bizarre personal items or wacky ornaments which may distract potential buyers. Room size is always something house hunters are looking for and de-cluttering will make your rooms look tidier and bigger. Be brutal and get rid of anything that is broken or unused – and it’s a good excuse to have a spring clean before the move too!

Make sure the garden is looking great

Summer is the best time to show off a well-kept garden and can give your home the ‘wow’ factor. Make sure it’s tidied of any litter, you’ve mowed the lawn, removed any weeds, and cut back any overgrown trees which may be restricting light. Plant pots will give your garden a splash of colour, and set up any outdoor furniture – like table and chairs, a BBQ, sun loungers or even a fire pit – so buyers can get a sense of what it’d be like to own your garden.

Clean those windows

The summer sun can really show up dirt on windows, so giving them a good clean on the inside and out before viewings can make a huge difference. You’d be surprise how many buyers are drawn to windows and a streak-free finish will provide a clear view out onto your perfectly pruned garden or spruced up outdoor space. If you don’t have a window cleaner, a bit of elbow grease and a good hour should do the trick to get those windows gleaming.

Light and airy

It’s crucial to maintain a good level of lighting in your home to make the property feel spacious and inviting – the summer is the best time for natural light, so make sure all blinds and curtains are wide open during viewings.

Make sure there aren’t any bad smells


During the warmer months, houses can often become stuffy and rooms that smell musty can be a huge turn off for buyers, so make sure you’ve properly ventilated your property well in advance of any viewings - particularly those rooms that are rarely used. Open windows and fresh flowers can also help to improve the air quality in the room.

Also, if you have pets, there may be various smells that you’re used to, which buyers may pick up on. Why not ask a friend or family member to look after any pets and air out the property for a few hours prior to the viewing. If you know you have a viewing coming up, you should also avoid cooking any strong smells such as garlic or fish as they can be overpowering and off-putting.

Bathroom makeover

Revitalise the bathroom by making small, inexpensive upgrades that will have a large impact. Add a green leafy plant or a new white shower curtain. You should also clear away any toiletries from the side – they can go in the cupboard, and make sure the toilet, bath, shower, sink, mirrors, and cabinets are all spotlessly clean. Put a new toilet roll in the holder and a clean hand towel out as well.