Traditionally, Spring is a seen as a favourite time to sell your home. However, there are other months where it is equally as good a time to sell – September being one of them. Especially for those up-sizers; those looking (usually families) to buy a larger home or first time movers/sellers.


Family buyers tend to buy in autumn, spring and early summer....term times! Those with children typically don't want to house hunt during the holidays for a couple of reasons: firstly, they might be preoccupied with lazing in the summer sunshine, or going away on holiday and secondly, who wants to view a home when you have bored children to contend with? It just adds to the initial stress already there with viewing a house! So, parents tend to wait until the schools are back open and they can carry out viewings in a more relaxed fashion. 


Furthermore, when the sun is out, a lot of time is spent in the garden so up-sizers won't feel as squeezed for space and consequently, the move doesn't feel as urgent. So, it might be that there are fewer house hunters in September and October but, they tend to be keener and make an early decision so that they can be moved in and settled by Christmas. 


So why might September be the best time for you to sell your home? Here are our 7 top reasons why not might be the perfect time to get moving:


1. The children are back at school starting a new year and the feeling of change can extend to parents. This attitude shift can often instigate a desire for a new start in other areas of life, with a property move high on the list. 


2. The 'C' word...Nobody wants to talk about Christmas in September BUT buyers looking at property at this time of year are usually keen – they probably have plans to have moved into their new home for Christmas, and this excitement keeps them on track. With this in mind, it’s always best to get your property listed as early in the season as possible.


3.  If you have a family, having the children out of the house during the day means you will find it easier to keep it tidy for viewings. We have all been there during the school holidays where you feel like a bomb has hit your house, you tidy one room and turn to the other and wonder why you bother! Having a tidy home certainly takes some of the stress away of someone coming to view your home. 


4. Setting the 'stage' for potential buyers is crucial in making the right impression. This is why September represents an excellent time to sell your house. Your home looks warm and cosy, with lamps lit, the fire on and the glimmer of the lit candles.  It is the most beautiful with its warm and inviting colours, cosy fires and exciting atmosphere of the festivities that lie ahead. A ‘twilight’ image at this time of year can really show your home at its best.


5.  With the darker nights and colder days, people spend much more time inside their homes than what they do in summer. This changes the lifestyle and perspective of homeowners, which influences their decision in what they want from their home. Simple things such as the lack of daylight can create the illusion of a smaller space and trigger the need to upsize. One of our previous blog posts might be worth reading to help you style your home - How to add thousands to your home with our pro styling tips - Blog (sawdyeandharris.co.uk)


6. Because the schools have gone back, parents are free to view homes child-free. That means they are more relaxed, less hurried, and in a better frame of mind to make a decision.


7. Your garden still looks lovely, and as the leaves start to drop, views often improve. Get your photographs carried out whilst the sun is still shining to capture your home at its best.  You can read one of previous blog posts on getting your garden ready for sale - Style Your Garden to Sell in 6 Easy Steps - Blog (sawdyeandharris.co.uk)



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